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Sreekovil Naveekaranam - Chembola Samarpanam

Thazhakara Sree Subrahmanaya Temple- the sacred abode of the all encompassing divine presence of Sree Subrahmanya – is one of the ancient and renowned temples of Central Travancore. In the early days, the holy shrine was under the direct control of Cheraman Perumal ( The last ruler of the erstwhile Chera empire).This characteristic itself speaks volumes of the historical significance of the temple. Later on it was handed over to Edappally swaroopam. From Edappally kings, other patrons took over administration. However, with the passage of time, the wealth decreased to such an extent that it was unable even to conduct the daily poojas. To help tide over the situation, devotees came together and formed Sree Subrahmanaya Haindava Seva Samithi - a collective of devout Hindu mass in and around Thazhakara. Under their leadership, the festivals and rituals were gradually restored. The renovation process is still going on.
Sreekovil Naveekaranam
Being an ancient temple, the roofing of the Sanctum Santorum is in a dilapidated state and requires a speedy renovation. This holy process is going to be spearheaded by Sri Mannar Ananathan Achari under the guidance of Holiness Bramasri Akkeraman Kalidasa Bhattathiri. The roofing of the Sanctum Santorum has to be equally divided into 12 parts and each of these parts to be covered with copper plates. The estimated cost of copper plates for one such part is One Lakh Rupees. For the renovation process 1.5 tons of bronze plate and 125 cubic feet of teak wood is needed. Along with renovation, special poojas like ‘Sahasrakalasam’ too has to be offered. The estimated cost of the total work amounts to Rupees Forty Lakhs.
One copper plate costs Rs.500.Devotees can buy the copper plates from the Committee office and make an offering to the Lord. Mass copper plate offerings are also being conducted in the temple. We hope that, as in the past, ardent devotees like you will come forward and be a part of this spiritual venture with whole hearted support. The ‘Shadadhara’ idol is a distinctive feature of Thazhakara Sree Subrahmanaya Temple . Devotees from far and near flock here for Subrahmaniya Swami’s blessings. To contribute to such an ancient , important and hallowed temple is in itself a holy deed of a lifetime. We, in the name of Sree Subrahmanya Swami request all devout devotees to participate in this noble venture by contributing wholeheartedly to the renovation of the temple
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Name of Bank: Dhanlaxmi Bank
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