Evoor Temple
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Administration of the temple is under the control of Sree Subrahmanya Haindava Seva Samithi. The meetings and decisions are taken by the Committee according to the terms and conditions in the registered bi-law in a democratic way.

Administrative Body
The committee has their own office in the temple premises. There are 11 members including the president, vice president, secretary, joint secretary and a treasurer. The chorum is limited to six. Every second Sunday is scheduled to examine the expenditure of the previous month. A three days notice must be issued for the committee meeting. According to the budget passed by the general assembly, records should be kept. The agenda should be planned and put into practice.<span>Pournamisangam

Present Managing Committee
Mr. D Jayaprakash, Kankalil President +91 9747947621
Mr: PM Subash Melthundathil Vice President +91 9633000820 | subashpm@gmail.com
Mr: R Manaoj, Kuttiyara Secretary +91 9387957537 | manojkuttiyara@gmail.com
Mr.CS Prashanth, Panante Padeetethil Join Secretary +91 7510131147
Mr: TR Rajendran, Thekkadathu Madavam Treasurer +91 8547042407
Mr.KG Mahadevan, Pothannur Devaragam Working Committee Member +91 9446917344
Mr.Suresh K Nair, Nedumpurathu Working Committee Member +91 9446917344
Mr: K Praveen Kumar, Thekkuveettil Committee Member +91 9995180260
Mr. V Mohanan, Valayathu Committee Member +91 9605469249
Mr. S Arun Kumar, Manikandabhavanam Committee Member +91 7025914628
Mr. TC Raju, Kunnumpuzhayathu Committee Member +91 9349553038
Mr: KG Mukundan Auditor +91 9447274952
Mr: VN Sreenivasan Auditor +91 9447454310
Prof. N Parameswaran Auditor +91 9447801947
Mr. R Rudravarier Auditor +91 9495985894