Evoor Temple
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On 20th June 1979 ‘Sree Subrahmanya Haindava Seva Samithi’ was formed to conduct the administration of the temple. The founding fathers of this Samithi were Sri.P R K Pillai (Karthikeya), K T Kochukunju (Kuttilayyath), C. M Narayana Pillai (Pulithottathil).


  To inculcate belief about Sanathana Dharma of Hinduism.

  To follow and protect Arshabharata Samskaram.

  TTo conduct workshops, discourses and release publications on Hindu epics, Upanishads, Vedas and on spirtual sciences to spread the messages of Hinduism amongst masses

  To encourage values of moralities, beliefs and consciousness in Society

  To work for establishment and protection of temples, religious institutions, prayer groups, charitable institutions, religious study centers etc.

  To undertake efforts to take over temples and other religious institutions and to initiate renovation of dilapidated temples.

  To safeguard the purity of temples, to maintain centers with utmost hygiene besides training to set examples in life.

  To work for doing away the superstitions and false beliefs in Hindu societies and to take efforts to bring in modern thoughts and beliefs and to undertake social changes through divine means.

  To discard divisive and caste ridden beliefs and to work against disintegrating forces to encourage welfare in society.

  To popularize the practices of prayer, recitation of holy scriptures, temple worship and “Namaroopam” in society.

  To bring out timely changes in the Hindu religious practices in wedding and rituals after death.

  To work for patronizing temple arts, sculptures, paintings etc.

  For the realization of the above objectives, necessary steps to be taken to acquire and manage movable and immovable properties, seek expert opinion, undertake transactions, mobilize and manage funds.

  Members will not have any special right or privilege on any of the wealth or properties owned or acquired by this Samithi.

Registered office:
Registered office of this Samithi will be located in Thazhakkara in Thazhakkara village, Mavelikkara Taluk, Alleppey district, Kerala State.

This Samithi covers the entire Thazhakkara village

Only Hindus are eligible for membership in the Samithi.

  Members are to be permanent residents of the jurisdiction of the Samthi or should hold ownership of land in the territory.

  Male or female who attained the age of 18 and above are eligible for membership. However the managing committee reserves to right to accept or reject any application for membership.

  Those who apply for membership shall pay a entry fee of Rs 5 and Rs 3 as annual subscription along with the application form.

  Members shall pay annual subscription of not less than Rs 3.

  Life membership can be obtained by paying a Rs 51 towards life membership. They will be exempt from paying annual subscription.

  Remittance of Rs 101/ as life membership will entail the member in ensuring life membership for his successor after his death.

Membership will be invalid on account of the following:
b. Death
d. Default of annual subscription

Note: Membership will be valid for a period of 12 months for which annual subscription is paid for. Membership will become invalid if not renewed.