Major Festivals

Thypooyam The main festivals of this temple are THYPOOYAM held during the Malayalam months of Makaram. The morning ‘KAVADY PROCESSION’ from Kunnam Sreedharmmasasta temple and the evening. ‘BHASMAKAVADI’ from Puthiyakavu Devi Temple are also some of the auspicious functions of devotees. Mayooraratham accompanying the procession.

Ten days annual festival The festival starts with PARAYEDUPPU [receiving the offerings from the devotees at their doorstep] . With the hoisting of the temple flag on the day of Karthika, the festivities take off and will last for a period of 10 days with all the traditional rituals like "Utsavabali, Pallivetta and Aarattu". Seven days of Bhagavathaparayana (Saptaham) is also conducted during the ten days festival.

Other Important Days Large number of devotees are observing “Shashti Vrutha” in every Malayalam month. The number is getting increased after each “shashti”. Besides the poojas conducted on Ayilyam day in the month of Thulam and CHIRAPPU in Vrischikam are also very important. In the day of Sreekrishna Jayanthi conducting uriyadi ghoshayathra from Umamaheswara temple. Conducting Sangrrtha - Nritha aradhan during the Navarathri festival time. Nira puthari and Vinayaka chathurthi also celebrating the temple.

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